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Kamree Marie. Newby August 08, 2000 - March 11, 2019

Kamree, herself begin the Kind Like Kamree Foundation without even knowing. She was always offering a hand to everyone she felt needed help in any way big or small.  Whenever she saw someone in need or homeless she always wanted to give to them something, she had a soft spot in her heart for them. If she had it her way she would give all she had or could to help those who were less fortunate. Anytime a ASPCA commercial would come on TV she would tear up and begin to cry, she had the kindest heart imaginable. If she even heard the song "In the Arms of an Angel" she would cry. She would give rides to strangers (which scared the crap out of us). This girl just had the biggest heart. Her dream was to join the Army, she was an active Jr. ROTC member who served with passion, she was rejected by the Army for a health condition as a baby that didn't pan out to nothing. This shattered her dreams, every time she came up with a plan in life something came up and with a girl who struggled with depression this didn't help at all.  Her smile and laugh was contagious to all those who knew her.  Then the day came that we never seen coming, Kamree had taken her own life.  We think that she just couldn't handle the cycle of rejection in her life anymore.  March 11, 2019 changed our lives forever.  Our baby girl was gone and our hearts ached. The next few months we struggled at how to move on without her.  On August 8, our family was going to be celebrating her 19th birthday without her and as a family we knew that we wasn't all going to be able to be together that day to celebrate so we wanted to do something special.  Kamree's mom decided that we would all do some random acts of kindness in her name that day no matter where we were.  But someone said how will they know why we are doing these random acts? So we ordered some cards to hand out at the same time.  Well when our families and others learned what we were doing they all wanted to join in.  Well we didn't have nearly enough cards made but we made it work for her birthday but immediately ordered many more.  As word spread about our cards we had to start some way to organize who we had already given them to, so we started the facebook page where you could fill out a form and we would send you some.  Before we knew it we had a full time job on our hands and Fox 13 News was calling wanting to do a story about our cards.  KUTV 2 News wants to do thier "Pay It Forward" with Mountain America Credit Union, with us in January. And we made ammends with our Very Loving Friends at UCCU (Utah Community Credit Union, They made our Christmas. From there it just keeps spreading and it helps our hearts to heal knowing that so many random acts of kindness are being done in our daughters name all around the world. We have organized the Kind Like Kamree Foundation, we have a EIN number as well. The Next step is to apply for 501(c)3 status with the IRS, which we are currently in the process of now. 2020 we have some great plans, including our 1st annual Kind Like Kamree Foundation Golf Tournament (Dates still Pending) . We love each and every one of our supporters, Friends and Family.

Brady and Amber Newby

and Families


Salt Lake Rescue Mission

December 2019, The KIND LIKE KAMREE FOUNDATION Recieved and donated over 250 coats in our annual coat drive, we took and delivered them to The Salt Lake Rescue Mission in downtown SLC.


Please see also our feature story with KUTV2 News "Pay It Forward" where we were given the oppertunity to go to VOA (Volunteers of America) Homeless Shelter to make a special donation with our friend Mark Kobel .   KUTV2 News took us in and toured us through the studio, we met Ron Bird, Mary Nickels, Lindsay Storks and Producer Maren Jensen.           

Volunteers of America, a homeless shelter for the youth located in downtown SLC, Utah. 


Project Recovery Podcast with Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley


The KIND LIKE KAMREE FOUNDATION is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization recognized by IRS. We are a Member of The Utah Non-Profit Association. 

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We are also listed on the a Non-Profit verifying website. is the worlds largest source of information on non-profit organizations. 

American Red Cross Blood Drive March 31st, April 1st & 2nd We have decided to make this an annual event due the overwhelming support we have recieved from the community.

The American Red Cross has told us that the state of Utah has a 3 day supply of blood, which is good for a max of 43 days. This is a staggering number, what if someone you know or love needed blood today, where would it come from ? This event started with a 1 day, 20 appointments commitment, it has turned into 3 days, 120 appointments with over 80 appointments already filled. Please do your part, donate blood today, visit and make your appointment today.

A Virtual blood drive has been set-up at  where you can pick a date, donate at your leisure and still support this amazing foundation in honor of Kamree Newby.  The Kind Like Kamree Foundation Kicked off 08/08/2019, on what would have been a celebration of Kamree's 19th Birthday.  Kind Like Kamree Foundation 501(c)(3) has over 3,835 Members and growing. Please join our Foundation today and help be a part of the soulution. 

LWLF Podcast / Episode # 4 With Jon Gossett

                                           Be Kind.


Our Mission

A simple act of kindness could save someones life. In Memory of our precious daughter Kamree, we aim to be kind and do random acts of kindness to show others we care. We hope everyone will share their story with us so we can follow the progress. Please email your story to if you wish, let us know and we’ll keep names anonymous. 

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In Memory of kamree newby

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